"What Else Can I Do?"
2 Hour Coaching Intensive

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Find Your Passion-Intensive.png

"What Else Can I Do?"
2 Hour Coaching Intensive


 You've been asking yourself this question for as long as you can remember:

"What else can I do besides dental hygiene?"

Wouldn't it be nice to finally have an answer? I've helped so many hygienists find a true answer that resonates with them that they can then take action on to create a future that fits who they are.

I begin these sessions with assessing where you are at right now, allowing you to have a true idea of your current personal landscape:

  • Your work status
  • Your current physical health
  • Your energy levels
  • Your desires & dreams

Once we're clear on where you're at, then we jump into what makes you happy, what makes you tick. Bringing out what lights you up. Through these series of steps, together we can see what your different options are. The end goal being that youfind or even create a new choice for your and future.

My goal is always to leave you with steps to get started on your new path but I don't guarantee that this will happen for you. The reason why is everyone is different and needs different amounts of time to process. |

For some this process comes easily, for others, it takes longer and while two hours will open them up to so much, there is still so much more to uncover. Either way you will end this session with a new awareness of yourself and your life that will help you begin to transition to what ever is next for you.

Quite often my clients end the session with brand new options they never knew they had or wanted so badly.

***Be ready for an epiphany or two about yourself or your life in our time together as they happen in almost every one of these coaching intensives.

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