VIP - Manifest My Future Group Program (f)

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VIP - Manifest My Future Group Program (f)

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You'll receive a DEEPLY discounted price when you join before DOORS CLOSE!

New Manifest Your Future Course with unlimited access to all of the trainings and recordings.

>>6 Weekly LIVE Manifest Your Future trainings and hot seat coaching calls (1-1.5 hours) with unlimited access

>>3 powerful Running Your Energy recordings for your personal use to shift you into your Manifesting Mindset

>>A full breakdown audio of exactly how the Running Your Energy technique works and how to adjust it to fit into any amount of time.

>>A group of like-minded peers to support you through the process of reclaiming control of your life.

>> A deep sense of peace and connection with who you really are, real clarity and confidence to carry into your life and business and a deeper understanding of how to actually call in and manifest your greatest desires

****BONUS: Clarity Manifesting Exercise: You’ll receive the exercise that I use with my personal one-on-one clients that helps them get super clear on what it is that they truly want to call in. It’s a direct line to your true, soul-led desires and it will be yours to use!


>>TWO 1.5 hour One-on-One coaching sessions to be used during the course to help make sure you’re able to rev up your Manifesting Machine!

>>IPlus I will create one personalized audio where I Run My Energy just for you.

This is an incredibly powerful way to receive personalized, hands on support and practice living in alignment to create real powerful results now!

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