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  • Do you dream of speaking with ease to even the largest sized groups?

  • Do you want your words to captivate and inspire audiences?

  • Do you wish you could be an amazing speaker?

If so, you’re in the right place.

Right now many people are focused on how to communicate effectively on social media, but have few chances to practice speaking live and in person.

Doing a Facebook Live won’t properly prepare you to feel into your audience and adapt to their unique needs, or motivate and inspire them while making sure your message is being heard loud and clear. These very specific skills come with hands on learning and practice.

Even if you used your next 6 scheduled speeches as practice, learning in the middle of a live event is challenging because the mind wants to instantly ‘not screw it up’ and therefore learning is almost impossible.

You need practice, coaching and real time feedback to really take the stage.

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So, where can you find that? The answer is Time Talks Workshops.

We’ve created an online classroom setting to learn what you need to know starting from how to write the best speech possible that makes them ask you back again and again!

The best part is once you’ve learned all of these amazing new skills, you’ll get to practice them live and in person with a group of like minded speakers where you won’t worry about making mistakes. Instead you’ll create an indelible memory of when you gave the best speech of your life to draw on from that day forward!

You get to try out your new skills in front of others who are doing the same thing as you…learning, growing, becoming and celebrating the new version of you!

Your ability to command a room and be seen as a professional speaker will grow exponentially.

Finally there’s a place where you can get the training, practice and community in a non-corporate environment!! It’s the perfect place for you to grow into the speaker you’ve been dreaming of.

And if that doesn’t seem like it’s enough, we’ve pulled this all together by adding one of the Top 10 Speaking Coaches in America to show you how to show up like the professional speaker that gets paid and asked back again and again…

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Andrea Holland

Communications Coach

Andrea has worked in the communications industry for 17 years and has seen professional storytelling from nearly every angle. She’s served as an international video producer & morning radio DJ, has hosted and been featured in her very own TED Talk and now as a public speaking and leadership communications coach at her own company – Holland Communications.

Her challenge us to is: Dare to Find Your Voice! and let the world hear you roar.
Through her wonderful coaching techniques and easy tips it’s her goal to help you uplift, educate and motivate you and your audiences.

Presenting Time Talks Workshops:

Part 1: Preparing to Speak and get paid!

We know learning how to speak to large audiences can be overwhelming which is why we’ve broken it down into 3 simple steps: Mindset, Formula and Up-Leveling.

Week 1

Speaking Session 1: Get ready to get paid!
In this session, we’ll dive into the critical shift you’ll need to make to start showing up like paid as a speaker. You’ll begin to learn how to take your speaking ability to a professional level using important mindset and content tools.

Manifesting Session 1: See yourself as the speaker you want to be!
Before you ever get up on a stage you’ll need to be able to see yourself as a successful speaker who’s able to “Wow!” even the largest of audiences. During this session you will have a clear vision to allow your mind to being believing that this is even possible for you to create into your world. After you’ve learned to allow this possibility into your world, you will be surprised at the number of doors that start opening up for you!

Week 2

Session 2: This Formula Works!
In this session, you’ll learn the proven-to-work formula for addressing any audience, any time, anywhere. This flexibility and skill as a speaker will allow you to WOW any crowd whether you’re speaking for 2 minutes or 2 hours.

Manifesting Session 2: The Easier It Gets, The Easier It Gets!
How often have you created your very own blocks by believing that the thing you desire most in the world is ‘too hard’ for you to accomplish even when you know logically you should be able to knock it out of the park? Well hang onto your hats because during this session you’ll be able to break through the thought of how difficult it is to write an amazing speech as well as opening your mind up to the creative thoughts that have been pent up for way to long. Once and for all you’ll have the perfect tool that will allow you to make writing and creating a speech feel less worrisome.

Week 3

Session 3: Upgrade Your Story!
In this session, you’ll learn the art of transforming your story into powerful tools that win your audience’s immediate attention and earn you the invitation to speak again and again. You’ll learn to think on your feet and quickly decide which parts of your story are golden for any audience.

Manifesting Session 3: Shift Who You Are Into Who You Want To Be!
Have you ever tried to fix a problem while in the same mindset of the one that created it? It doesn’t work which is why in this session we will help you anchor into who it is you are becoming! It is from this viewpoint that you can step into the new version of you that you’ve had at the back of your mind but can’t seem to create in reality.

We wanted to make sure you were successful so we’ve also added a few bonus resources to this course to keep you on track toward your successful speaking future. You will also have access these special resources and more:

Bonus Resources

  • The 3 Essential Steps to Create the Confidence of a True Speaker: ($19 Value)
    When you listen and remember these 3 things you will help you gain the confidence you need to shine in front of an audience.

  • The 6 Crucial Questions to ALWAYS Ask Before Speaking to any Audience: ($49 Value)
    Have you watched a speaker hit it out of the park and wonder how they did it? We’d bet they asked these questions even before they said they would come and speak.
    **(These 6 questions are part of a Professional Speaker’s Secrets that allow you to get asked back again and again!)

  • Should you say “no” that speaking opportunity?: ($29 Value)
    When you start speaking you’ll want to say yes to it all but some speaking gigs just aren’t right for you because they don’t offer the value that you’re truly worth. This fantastic tool will help you make smart choices as you move forward in your speaking career.

  • Go there or Go home: ($49 Value)
    How many times have you have you wished someone would’ve warned you about things in your professional life ahead of time?!?! Or kicked yourself for having to take the hard road? We wanted to help shorten your road to a speaker’s success with the many lessons Andrea Holland learned about audiences and presenting from 10 years of performing on stage.
    (Using these Lessons Learned will help shorten your timeline to creating your own speaker’s success stories!)

This course kicks-off Jan 21st, 2019 but if you’ve missed that don’t worry - we will have that and every other session recorded in our private FB group that you will have access to whenever you’re ready so you can learn at your own pace!

Week 1

Monday January 28th: Heidi will start off our first week with “See Yourself as the Speaker You Want to be Manifestation” video on Monday 28th. Take the week to absorb this and get your mind ready for what’s coming to you.

Friday February 1st: Andrea Holland will jump in with a FB Live where she will tackle “The Speaker’s Mindset”.

Week 2

Monday February 4th: Heidi will shift your mindset around content creation in your next manifestational video called “The Easier It Gets, The Easier It Gets!” Listening to this video over an over will allow you to be ready and open for what Andrea will teach you on Friday.

Friday February 8th:
Andrea will give you the low down on how to craft the perfect speech every time during her FB Live called “Speaker’s Structure that Gets You Asked Back Again & Again”.

week 3

Monday February 11th: It’s time to get your brain on board with your manifestational video “Shift Who You Are Into Who You Want To Be”. In order for you to grow into the person you desire to become an easy and very effective first step is to change how you think. You’ll learn simple easy techniques that will help to get you out of this permanent loop that’s kept you stuck wanting for more but not knowing how to actually make it your reality.

Friday February 15th: Now that you’ve spent time figuring out who it is you’re becoming, Andrea will help you to uplevel your talents in upgrading your speech to make sure you “Leave Your Audience Wanting More”.

Part 2: Let yourself be heard…Live & in Person

Now that you’ve honed your skills and properly prepared your speech it’s time to get up and speak!! Our Tribe of like-minded individuals will come together as a group to support and celebrate one another. This will be the day that you think about right before you speak, the speech that reminds you that you’ve got this and that you know how to wow an audience.

(Please note that there will only be 25 slots to speak and they will be given on a first come first serve basis. All others will record and upload their speeches to the private FB group to show off their new speaking prowess, receive feedback and allow their voices to be heard and celebrated.)

When: March 7th, 2019 – 9:00am to 5:00pm

Where: Westin Los Angeles Airport Hotel
              5400 W Century Blvd
              Los Angeles, Ca 90045

Who: You and your tribe of like-minded people who are looking to take their ‘live’ speaking abilities to the next level.

Price: $249.00

Click here to be live and in person in Los Angeles and online!

Click here to be live and in person in Los Angeles and online!

Can’t come to the Live Event? No problem. Join us for the live online trainings that will permanently change your speaking future! Best of all we’re offering it to you at 80% off of its regular price for those that sign up before Feb. 1st!!

Yes we did just say 80% OFF!! If we were to charge you full price, the value for this course and all of the extra resources it would cost $499 but we’re not going to charge you that. Nope. The cost for this course is only $99!!

**Early Bird Sale: For all of you that are ready to get started on that successful speaking career and get started today will receive an even greater discount! If you buy your ticket before Feb 1st it will only cost you $57 - That’s half off of the already reduced price!!

If you’re ready to get hired to speak and get paid then this isn’t something to miss!!

Get your ticket before Feb 1st and save an extra 50%!!

Get your ticket before Feb 1st and save an extra 50%!!

The Course Instructors:

Heidi manifesting coach pic with grey background.png

Heidi Baker

Time Talks Founder
Manifestational Coach

Heidi learned early in life to ignore the blocks in life which has led her to becoming everything from a women’s home improvement TV personality, the creator and face of a national brand, a website developer, published author and a successful life & business coach.

Due her clients continually asking for help in creating the same time of serial life successes as her own, Heidi developed her own manifestational techniques and audio recordings. She’s been able to help her clients manifest amazing shifts in their lives allowing things to happen at a faster rate and to a larger scale. Through her years of helping many men and women change their lives and businesses she’s been an intrical part of helping so many create lives they never would’ve dreamed possible before.

Click here to learn more.

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Andrea Holland

Speaking & Communications Coach
Professional Speaker

Andrea has worked as a public relations and marketing gal, radio DJ and traveling video producer. She spent 12+ incredible years learning how communication “works” – traveling the US and abroad interviewing leadership experts on their most compelling experiences, asking everyday people to share their own stories, writing news releases and award-winning marketing campaigns, and working with execs on how to hit their mark in speeches and presentations. She’s had her very own Ted Talk and has hosted Ted Talks as well.

She now uses her amazing experiences and skills to help others go from unsure of their speaking abilities to being sought after speakers.

Click here to learn more.