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Getting speakers ready to take the stage and get paid!

In creating Time Talks Live Events, we saw how a positive speaking experience could be life changing for the speaker but, to us, that wasn’t enough.

Who wants only one bite of the best dessert they’ve ever tasted? No one.

So why would someone only want to have one great experience speaking in front of an audience? They wouldn’t. Which is why we created The Time Talks Workshop Online Academy.

This program goes right to the nitty gritty of speaking so you can create compelling content that gets you in the door and invited back again and again. And to solidify it all, it teaches you powerful mindset techniques that help you break through and step into the powerful, professional speaker you desire to become.

We spent many hours in creating a program that both explains how to create “drop the mic” content to reach every audience as well as how to break through the limiting thoughts and beliefs holding you back from actually going out and doing it.

For many of us, speaking in front of large audiences can be intimidating, and understanding what to say can feel overwhelming, which is why we’ve broken it down into 3 simple steps: Mindset, Content and Up-Leveling.

Week 1

Speaking Session 1: Get ready to get paid!
In this session, we’ll dive into the critical shift you’ll need to make to start showing up like a paid speaker. You’ll begin to learn how to take your speaking ability to a professional level using important mindset and content tools.

Manifesting Session 1: See Yourself As the Speaker You Want to Be!
During this session you will learn the tools to creating a clear vision and how to allow your mind to begin believing that more is possible for you. After you’ve learned to allow this possibility into your world and practice it regularly, you’ll be surprised by the number of doors opening up to you!

Week 2

Session 2: This Formula Works!
In this session, you’ll learn a proven-to-work formula for addressing any audience, any time, anywhere. This flexibility and skill as a speaker will allow you to WOW any crowd whether you’re speaking for 2 minutes or 2 hours.

Manifesting Session 2: The Easier It Gets, The Easier It Gets!
During this session you’ll develop your abilities toward writing an amazing speech with ease. It will allow you to open your mind up to the creative thoughts that have been pent up for way too long. When you change the way yo look at things, the things you look at change. With these new thoughts firmly in place writing and creating a speech will go from feeling heavy and even overwhelming to peaceful and easy.

Week 3

Session 3: Upgrade Your Story!
Learn the art of transforming your stories into powerful tools that win your audience’s immediate attention and earn you the invitation to speak again and again. You’ll learn to “think on your feet” and quickly decide which parts of your story are golden for any audience.

Manifesting Session 3: Shift Who You Are Into Who You Want To Be!
Have you ever tried to fix a problem in the same mindset as the one that created it? It doesn’t work. This is why in our 3rd manifesting session you’ll learn to anchor into who it is you’re becoming. It’s from this space that you’ll try on the life that you desire. Step into the shoes of the ‘living your best life’ you so that you can make it your new reality.

And if that all of that amazing, juicy content wasn’t enough, we wanted to make sure you were successful which is why we’ve also added a few extra bonuses. You will have access these special resources and more:

*Bonus Resources*

  • Four Essential Steps to Create the Confidence of a True Speaker: ($49 Value)
    This resource offers both a video and accompanying article to help you gain the confidence you need to shine in front of an audience.
    **The video included above is part of Andrea’s DIY Video Series, a course that teaches you how to create compelling & professional- looking content to promote yourself as a speaker.

  • The 6 Crucial Questions to ALWAYS Ask Before Speaking to any Audience: ($49 Value)
    Have you ever watched a speaker hit it out of the park and wonder how they did it? We’d bet they asked these 6 questions even before they committed to speaking.
    **(These 6 questions are part of a Professional Speaker’s Secrets that allow you to get asked back again and again!)

  • Should You Say “No” to That Speaking Opportunity?: ($29 Value)
    When you start speaking, you’ll want to say “Yes!” to it all but some speaking gigs just aren’t right for you. How do you know when a speaking opportunity doesn’t offer the value that you’re truly worth? This fantastic tool will help you make smart choices as you move forward in your speaking career.

  • Go There or Go Home: ($29 Value)
    How many times have you wished someone would’ve warned you about things in your professional life ahead of time? Or kicked yourself for having taken the hard road? Shorten your path to a speaker’s success with the many lessons Andrea Holland has learned about audiences and presenting from her 10 years of performing on stages.
    (Using these Lessons Learned will help shorten your timeline to creating your own speaker’s success stories!)

Initially, we created this program just for those people who wanted to come to our live events, but we felt it was too good not to share with everyone else! We’ve just opened the doors for you to jump in with us, but we don’t suggest you wait long because our first week begins January 3oth!

(While we’d love to have you on every live session, don’t worry if you miss the first one, because we will have it and every other session recorded in our private FB group that you will have access to throughout and after the length of the course so you can watch it whenever you’re ready! Best of all you’ll be able to share your AHA’s and breakthroughs with a group of like-minded Tribe in this space that will support you throughout this journey!)

Join us for the live online trainings that will permanently change your speaking future! Best of all, we’re offering it to you at an amazingly low cost of 90% of its regular price!!

The full value for all 6 of these phenomenal trainings and the extra bonuses is over $750 and to hire each of us to coach you the same information would cost more than double. But we’re not going to charge you that. To make this such a great deal, that you just can’t resist the price, today it is only $97!!

Until January 30th, though, take advantage of our Early Bird Pricing, at just $57 for this course!

*Early Bird Pricing*

If you’re ready to get started now toward creating your successful speaking career, this Early Bird Pricing is for you!

Get this course until January 30th for just $57! Yes, that’s nearly half off of the already reduced price!!

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Who we are…

Andrea Holland.png

Andrea Holland

Communications Coach

Andrea is our resident Executive Public Speaking Coach. She has worked in the communications industry for 17+ years and has seen and done professional storytelling from nearly every angle. She’s served as an international video producer & morning radio DJ, has hosted and been featured in her very own TEDx Talk and now as a public speaking and leadership communications coach at her own company – Holland Communications. Learn more at www.AndreaHolland.net.

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Heidi Baker

Manifesting Coach

Heidi learned early on how to remove the blocks in her life, which has led her to becoming everything from a women’s home improvement TV personality, the creator and face of a national brand, a website developer, published author and a successful life & business Manifesting Coach. She’s taken the tools that helped her create unbelievable achievement and success and distilled it down to show people all around the world how they can manifest what they truly desire.

Don’t miss out on this truly once in a lifetime opportunity!! We’re certain that the next time we offer this program we won’t sell it for this small of a price tag, so take advantage of this amazing course today!

Get your ticket before Feb. 1st and save an extra 50%!!

Get your ticket before Feb. 1st and save an extra 50%!!

Finally get the answers to your Burning questions
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