The Ultimate Private Mentorship to Transform Your Career and Life

Ready to stop feeling stuck in your career?

Wouldn't you like to finally figure out what you're meant to do and get started on it?

You’re in the right place.

Imagine what it would feel like to wake up in the morning completely at peace, getting ready to go to work doing something that is your life's calling. Being able to choose what you really want to do and with whom and know you’re having a huge positive impact in others lives.

This is available to you NOW and it’s what my Transformational Career & life coaching is all about...creating the life you were meant to live!

You see, I’ve been in your shoes. I was a dental hygienist who knew she was meant for so much more in life but was afraid to walk away from the paycheck. I didn't think I was qualified to do anything else and that there wasn't any other way to earn as much as I was.  I assumed that this was I was allowed to have. I even felt selfish for wanting more.  I had a job and I should feel lucky for it even if it feel like it was enough. I was wrong on so many different levels.

There are so many other choices for careers or creating your own business -- more than ever before!

But I didn’t realize this when I felt stuck in my career. I just knew something had to change. You see, I had been ready to leave for several years but the paycheck kept me there. Always afraid of not being able to do anything else that paid as well. I stopped listening to my brain and pushed on until my body decided to step in and make the decision for me. I found myself on disability making less than half of what I'd been paid at work without any other idea of what to do.

I’d hit rock bottom. I hadn't listened to my head and stepped up to ask for the life I knew I wanted. I was done with living and working in a way that filled my bank account but left me feeling empty. I knew something had to change.

So I gave up on all of the things I should be doing and finally let go of being practical and went after what I really desired:

  • A life and a career that matched my heart and soul.
  • To support women just like me who were tired of not listening to their hearts and staying in it for the paycheck
  • Created a business that would allow me to work from anywhere
  • And to finally allow myself to be paid for something I was proud to do. 
  • And to make more than I ever had in my life!

I’m not a very patient person. I like results. So once I’d made up my mind I was in it to win it…100%. And this level of desire is part of the secret to success.

I went from having 'good job' that paid well to having a career and a business that I adored! I created my new career with the desire to feel fulfilled and am now making more than before!

I was ready for a change and that was when got my mentor. I HUGELY credit this high-level mentorship  on becoming clear and confident on what I wanted to do. I was done being an employee so we set up the necessary business structures and worked on my mindset of what I thought was possible. This step-by-step process allowed me to focus on only what was in front of me and not become overwhelmed.

To my own disbelief, I was able to make this shift so quickly and turn my dream a reality. And now I offer this type of high-level support to my clients:

Over 90% of my clients have Found the clarity they've needed to change careers or start their own businesses during our time together.

Here are just a few examples from some of my clients:

* In our 3 months of working together, quitting their job and finding a new career and position that paid double their previous salary! * Finding their life's calling, coming up with a way to get paid doing what she loved, creating the business structures required and getting their first clients! * Working on shifting their mindset to allow for more money to come in and getting a raise from an employer without even having to ask for it! * Learning how to listen to their intuition and follow their dreams to create the business they had been dreaming about for the last 5 years!

There's no way to guarantee Results like these...
...but the odds are darn good.

And this is just the tip of all that is possible. It's not all about creating your own business. But I love helping people create new businesses and change careers. You know why?

Finally it's your choice.

This choice can change: how you spend your time, where you live, what you do when you get up in the morning, if you want to go on vacation and who you want to help.

Allowing yourself to Have a choice
changes everything.

Ready to join me?

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Women are finding new passionate careers and starting new businesses every day. But, the problem is so many women believe this isn't possible for them.


Because we believe we are lucky to be where we are. Not wanting to be selfish, or even foolish in taking a chance on ourselves and our lives. Accepting what we have been given as enough even though we know we were meant to have and be so much more.

This is such a waste of a precious, un-renewable resource - your time.

You only get one shot at life. Don't waste it.

I’m taking a stand for you to live your life differently. For not just accepting your life but instead taking charge of how you live, allowing yourself to dream and turn into your reality. For changing your daily routine into a life & career you love. To finding ways to make more money than you do now, doing something that fills your heart and soul. While still having enough time to spend time for yourself and the people you love.

Yes this is possible for you too. You can create the career and life you've been dreaming of. You don't have to stay stuck where you are any longer.

I'm just a dental hygienist who thought she couldn't leave her good paying job without taking a pay cut. Not only am I more fulfilled doing my job every day than I ever was as a hygienist, I make more money than I ever made before. I've learned that working at something that is your passion always pays more because it draws more people to you every day.

If I can do it then so can you.

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I believe that if you truly want to find your way to a new career or business, you can and in a short period of time. You don't have to waste your life in a career that doesn't make you happy or pay you what you deserve.

and that is what I want to help you create for yourself:

A career that fills your heart and your bank account while allowing you to live the life you truly desire.

Ready to live your life the way you want it to be?

Then this is for you.

What's included:


1. Clarity and Confidence: goals & Desires

"If you don't know the target, you'll miss it every time."

We start with getting clear on where you are and what your true desires are. We will create a clear set of goals you would like to achieve in our time together so that we can create a path that will take you there. This way every step of the way we will be moving toward achieving what you truly want.

Once you're clear, confidence comes naturally through:

  • Knowing where you want to go and feeling the excitement of what is now possible for you.
  • Now that you are no longer stuck, you can see the steps necessary to make the change and get started on it.
  • You will be able to focus on your future for the first time in a long time, if ever, that allows you to be excited about what's coming your way. This will help to bring in momentum and growth in ways you've never experienced it before.

2. Mindset Make-over: Wealth

"What you think about, you bring about."

Our whole lives we've been taught that we can only do/be/have certain things and unless something is done to change that we live within these parameters. We work on blocks that you never knew you had around money, success and what it is you can do with your life to name a few.

Having eliminated your blocks things start to happen:

  • Having learned how to receive more and better things in your life, you are now able to make more money whether or not you decide to leave your job. (I've had previous clients get spontaneous raises, checks in the mail and more business than they ever thought possible -- all without trying.)
  • Once you have learned that so much more is possible than you've ever been allowed to see, you will begin to have a glimpse of how you can create the future that you desire. Now that the rules you've lived by have been changed, things start to get fun!
  • Your confidence level gets even stronger with this piece as you can now see that all of the barriers that have kept you stuck only will remain if you allow them.

3. Create a Plan: Road map broken down into small steps

"How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time."

Now that we've gotten super clear on what you want and allowed you to dream big we will create a map that will allow you to take small steps and not allow yourself to get overwhelmed. Each week you will be taking small steps toward your bigger goal without the fear of being able to create it all.

Small steps create huge results:

  • The momentum you create with each week grows on itself and makes your efforts seem easier than before.
  • Things start to grow and appear with a synergistic effort. It almost feels as if what you want is being brought to you.
  • While you will have things to accomplish every week, you won't be doing it alone. Having accountability will not only cause you to have bigger results than you have in the past, it will also allow you to have someone else on your team to make sure you are successful. 

4. Taking action: Creating Momentum and moving Forward

"If you move one percent toward your goal every day, you won't end up 365% closer to it, momentum will have allowed you to do things faster and taken you 1000%."

This portion of our time together isn't just to get started but also to break through the blocks that have kept you from succeeding up until now.  Not only will you already be in the flow of being able to move things forward, you will also be able to see the concrete results of all that you have been working on up until now.

The big picture coming into view:

  • Now that you've been able to move things forward, your dream is starting to become a reality.
  • Whether you've decided to go on your own and start a business or change your career, now is the time to enjoy the fruits of your labor.
  • You've finally found your groove and will be able to continue on your path by checking in with yourself as your clarity is crystal clear.

The results you can expect are:

  • Clarity on what your ideal career is.
  • Know what you desire to create in your world.
  • Breaking through money blocks that have kept money at arms length your entire life.
  • New found confidence in yourself and your abilities.
  • A renewed vision of who you are and all that you can create, do & be.
  • Find what passionate about and ways to make money with it.
  • If you decide you want to create a business, learning basic the business structures you will need to put in place.
  • The ability to know how to create a life where you have a choice and know what you want to choose.
  • Lose the 'stuck' feeling that has kept you paralyzed for so long.
  • And so much more!

Your Private Mentorship Includes:

A Detailed Welcome Pack & Prep Pack

16, 60 Minute Private Coaching Sessions

4 Months of Email Access

Lifetime Access to the Expert Redefined Inner Circle

Best of all, I’m also including this Amazing bonus…

Full-Day Luxury Intensive (Valued at $2500)

Imagine giving yourself the gift of a full day of high-level support focused 100% on your goals, dreams and desires. Being welcomed into a beautiful hotel suite where refreshments are waiting, receiving personalized support and guidance to fast-track you to your goals, enjoying a gourmet lunch and feeling like a woman fully in charge of her life, all while making huge strides forward in learning where you would like to go, do and become. A full-day intensive includes as much coaching as almost two months of mentorship on its own.

**The experiences I've had helping women in this full day format have truly been amazing. Having a full day to truly focus on you, your desires and your future can catapult you into the life you want but just can't seem to get to! While it might seem brief, having this concentrated time allows us to break through so many barriers that are keeping you stuck and create a new, step by step road map for you to follow.

Destination intensives currently available in Los Angeles, New York & Puerto Vallarta. Or split your intensive into 2, 3 hour Skype intensives.

You'll receive everything you'll need to create the career and life you truly desire during this mentorship:

Are you ready for your own private mentorship or Do you have questions before you sign up?

Request a complimentary Clarity Call now!

** This program includes all the necessary guidance to find your new career and figure out if creating a business is the right thing for you. These things can happen during the course of your mentorship with me!

Are you ready to be the next Expert Redefined success story? The life you desire is within your reach, you just have to decide you want it and get started creating it!

I can't wait to help you get started!


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