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Creating a life of ease is an art form…

Growing up many of us are taught that the way to have what you want is to work hard for it

(Does that sound familiar? Was this how your family/friends explained success to you when you were growing up? If your answer is yes, you aren't alone. My family taught this way too, as do many families.)

We love and trust those that raise us and take this message to heart  and believe that it's true, quite often, for our entire lives. But there are a rare few who see this basic law turned on it's ear when one day they meet that someone to whom this rule doesn't apply. And, if they're anything like me, they want to understand this phenomenon.

You see, their lives run smoothly, everything happens just the way they planned but they don't appear to 'have to work for it. Instead for them:

    • Promotions happen easily.
    • The perfect mate just appears.
    • Finding a new car or home takes no effort at all
    • And somehow MONEY JUST FLOWS IN!!

    For me it was a woman I worked with and I just didn't get it. I wanted to hate her but she was super sweet and fun to be with. It was like she had it all but she didn't have to even try while I was doing everything I could.

    (Have you ever met someone like that? Who success comes to easily to and while it infuriates you, you can't hate them because they are just too nice?)

    I was so confused.

    I had to figure it out. It didn't make any sense to me until I started researching why some people were more successful than others.

    If you've ever done this research, you've probably found the things like you were taught:

    • Work hard.
    • Do more than anyone else.
    • Prove you are worth it.
    • Try your best.
    • And if all of this fails to work then maybe you're just not cut out for something bigger.

    What a huge let down. You knew all this stuff, heck you'd been doing it!! (At least that was how I'd felt when I read all of this stuff!)

    When I got here I knew there had to be more so I didn't give up and I kept researching. Then I found it!!

    My holy grail -- manifesting! Finally I had found a way to create a life of ease and flow. I read every book I could find on the subject but still nothing was happening.

    What was I doing wrong? I searched for someone who could explain it to me.

    Why wasn't it working? I was trying my best, reading as much as possible and trying to do what the books were telling me to.

    Then through a process of elimination and a combination of all of my past studies I found it -- the one thing they all left out, the real secret of it all was how to make it a reality.

    It all had to do with finding what didn't feel right and creating the feeling that did. It sounded so simple that I didn't believe that I had found it. I started trying to do it everyday and I though I'd gotten it right, until...

    ...I hit a wall.
    I'll be honest at first I questioned if I had found the answer (so I had a pity party for a few months). But eventually I went back to it and I kept on pushing. Then things started to shift again.
    Yet another wall appeared  but this time I kept on working on it and it evened out.
    And after half a dozen or so walls were crumbled that's when it all started to get interesting!

    Things began to change and happening like never before and with such ease!! The business I had started 6 months back started to gain traction and along with it revenue started coming in. 

    At first it was a trickle and before I knew it was a waterfall! (I mean seriously went from $100's to $1000's and even on to $10,000 per month!!)

    It kept growing and growing and I thought I had found it -- never again would I have trouble, that was until I let another wall hit me smack in the face! And overnight my revenues went down by half!!

    You see, I had gotten lax and a brand new wall had been build without my knowledge when I wasn't paying attention. I had stopped running my energy (a simple little trick I teach my clients to bring things in with ease) and I had fallen backwards.

    I quickly got back on track and before I knew it, things were looking up again.

    It many years it took me to fully figure out what to do were hard work but now that it's become as simple as turning on a faucet. I don't want anyone to have to go through the many mistakes that I did and is why I teach my clients how to stop fighting themselves so that what they want shows up right in front of them because hitting your head against a brick wall is no fun (even if it is the one you've created in your mind).

    Not sure if this is right for you? Here's a few questions to ask yourself:

    • Are you sick of having to work harder than anyone else to get half as much?
    • Do you want to learn the secret of how you can get the life you want without having to double your workload?
    • Does the idea of a life of ease and flow sound like a fairy tale to you (but still one you'd like to live it)?
    • Do you want to become that person -- the one to whom everything comes to and makes everyone else wonder how its so easy?

    If you've answered yes to 2 or more of these questions then you're in the right place!

    If you'd like to find out how I work with people to change so much in such a short time, then click here to set up a time to speak with me. (I like to set up a quick 15 min call to see:  1.If we are both a good fit 2. What it is you are looking for help with 3. If I can help you get there.  

    Manifesting can be fun and easy once you know what you are doing. There's just no reason to waste your time searching around in the dark. I'm here to help turn on the light.