You aren't stuck, unless you think you are.


We may tell our children, you get what you get and you don't get upset but never did we expect our adult lives would follow that same rule.

Sadly many of us have created lives by that same philosophy.

Just accepting the life that has been given and not asking or even expecting more.

My passion in life is to remind you that life is now, not tomorrow or the day after. 

  • Getting unstuck from a life that feels different than the way you expected it to.
  • Allowing yourself to dream once again.
  • Taking action on what feels right for you and making it a reality.

That's my specialty.

I am here to help you create the life you know you were meant to be living--but aren't.

If this is a new and foreign concept for you and you think you might but stuck but you're not sure - here's a simple way to check in. Ask yourself these questions:

1. Did I choose this life or did I just end up here?

2. (If you did choose this life) Does my life look how I had expected and if not, does it still feel as good as I'd hoped?

The answer to these questions, for so many, start opening doors that they didn't even know were closed.

If you're one of these people don't freak out. It's actually a blessing to know you're not happy with your life...because now, you have the chance create the life that fits you and your dreams!



Are you being honest with yourself? Are you ready to start a life that works for you and not one that you work for?

Then let's see how I can help you become the you, you keep hidden from the rest of the world.

"I had a good job but was ready to quit. Everyone thought I was crazy, everyone except Heidi. In the 3 months we worked together I left my job and found a new career I love!! Best of all it pays me twice as much as I was making before!"
Julie Y.
Middleburg, FL

So what really is manifesting anyway?

I've heard it time and again, things only work when you work hard. Now don't get me wrong there's work involved but once you're in the flow things happen with ease. Intrigued? Check out what you can be doing to Manifest a world you love...easily. Click here to learn how.

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private coaching

Are you ready to create the life you desire and need the personal attention to not only get started but actually get where you want to go?

Not sure of where to start and need help figuring that out?

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Group Coaching

Does a group program full of women just like you sound like your style?

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Ask me Live

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