Why not manifest a life doing what lights you up?

Hi my name is Heidi Baker and I’m one of the leading Manifesting life coaches specializing in helping others to create lives better than they thought possible. I work with individuals that are looking for a way to change what they do, how much money they make and how they live their lives.

Whether it's time for a brand new life, or a brand new take on what you've been doing. My job is to help you find your path quickly and easily, whether that's making more money at what you already do, starting a new business of your own or going back to school for the career you've always dreamed of having.

I work with my clients in 2 different ways: One-on-One Private Coaching and Group Coaching. Each one has their own special benefits depending on how you prefer to work.

One on one Coaching

My most popular private mentorship is specifically for individuals who desire a step-by-step process to help them know what's next for them in their careers and in their personal lives. They know they are meant for more but don't know what or how to manifest it.

We work together to clear up the confusion and get you ready for the life you've always dreamed of but never thought possible!

Now open for Enrollment!

Monthly Manifesting Membership

This membership plan allows you to learn at your own pace. With monthly Trainings, Running Your Energy Audios, Live Q+A with Heidi and part of a private FB Group that Heidi is answering questions as you need it.

This is a brand new program and the doors open soon! Jump in while it’s small so that you can get lots of personal attention from Heidi before it gets big!

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