Who Am I?

A bit more about me...

So often I get women asking me who I am when they really want to ask me what makes me qualified to help them. So here goes...

My name is Heidi Baker and I practiced dental hygiene for over 10 years. I loved the job of dental hygiene, not because of the office or the dentist, I LOVE helping my patients. (Sound familiar?!?!)

My patients were what made my job and life as a hygienist worthwhile. I loved knowing that not only was I helping their teeth, through simple conversations that I didn't even know I was having, I was helping them get through major decisions and choices in their lives.

But that was just my hygiene career. Just like there is so much more to you than just your job, I'm the same way. I want to describe them all but I know I can get super wordy so instead here's a checklist of some of my bigger life's accomplishments:

  • I moved to Paris, France at age 19--by myself was the smartest, stupidest thing I've ever done. I knew no one and thought I spoke french. I quickly realized that was far from true.

    I speak french fluently and still have an affinity to French cheeses, chocolate, wine and the city of Paris. It is a part of me, just like my arm or foot. It may not be something I think about often but that experience changed me for the rest of my life.

  • I LOVE powertools!
    At age 30 I bought my first home and started fixing it up myself as I couldn't afford to hire anyone else to do it for me. And, no my did wasn't handy and taught me all I knew. In my first project I fried my hair, ripped off almost all of my nails and ended up with a terrible case of acne but my kitchen came out GORGEOUS!! And I was hooked. Here's my FB page on it.

  • I am a published author on Home Improvement for Women
    When I say I was hooked, I really mean it. Before I knew it I was teaching all of my friends how to create homes they loved to live in, which quickly became an online business that ended up with having 40,000 members to my site in 2006!!! I've also had recurring columns in newspapers (Seattle Times, Miami Herald, etc.) and national magazines (Better Homes and Gardens). Here's the link if you want to see what it was.

  • I've been on the Today Show - twice!!
    My business was so cutting edge that I quickly got asked to be on close to 2 dozen national talk shows. I have to admit I loved meeting Matt Lauer and Natalie Morales was as sweet in person as she seems on tv! Only got to meet Al Roker for an instant but he seemed super sweet.

  • I believe we can all live the life we dream of.
    For so many years I would dream of big things happening to me, loving the dream but knowing it wasn't reality. Keeping my head down (literally) and merely existing when I thought I was living my life.

    Then I was blessed enough to have a coach come into my life that believed my BIG DREAMS were possible...for me!! I didn't believe it all at once but little by little they started coming true.

    On my own, I never would have believed all that I could have achieved, especially after having been a dental hygienist. It's a career that made me feel like being that was good enough. Why strive for more? I was lucky to have a job that paid well -- there's no reason to rock the boat.

    Well looking back on all that I was able to do, experience and create I can whole-heartedly tell you, "ROCK IT BABY!" You get one shot at this thing we call life so take yours.


  • I LOVE working with women like me.
    While I usually end up working with hygienists, I love working with women in service businesses that know they deserve more but either don't know what more is or don't see the door to getting to it.

  • When my clients achieve their dreams, it makes mine come true!
    I am truly addicted to the idea that we can create the lives we desire because I love watching other people win. It may sound stupid but I don't care because it's true. If I help you learn a truth about yourself that frees you, it frees me.

    I believe that passionate people can do amazing things and in the process create a world that we all love to live in. The realization of your dream, is a step into the realization of mine.

Post your dreams below. No dream is too big. Trust me--I know.